How God Will Fix Our Eyes

Deep inside every human being is a dream of glory. Some might claim to want no glory for themselves. I understand and appreciate their humility. But every mentally healthy, spiritual sensitive human being in the world wants to be in the presence of glory. We want to feel the weight of glory for ourselves. According to Romans 8:18 that is God’s ultimate intention for all of us: “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in us.”

The moment of our glorification will come when we finally stand in the full and unmediated presence of God. God’s glory that fills everything in every way will fill us as well. When we see God, we will see the source of all beauty, all truth, all fascination and awe. Everything attractive that we have ever seen in this life is merely derivative, a pale copy of God’s true beauty and glory. When we finally fix our eyes upon God, they will indeed be fixed, in both senses of the word. We will see clearly, and we will find ourselves unable to look away.

I recently heard a story about a missionary who was entertaining guests in America from the desert African nation where he had served. In their sight seeing, he took them to a huge waterfall, where they saw more fresh water than they had ever imagined could exist. After a while, he suggested that they should move on to the next activity, but they protested. “Couldn’t we just wait until it’s over?” they asked. They could not imagine that  the water would never stop flowing. Like that waterfall, God’s beauty will never, ever stop.

How will we ever look away from it? Every other thing will only be a tawdry copy of what we see in God. Perhaps some would think that they would eventually want to turn their eyes away to rest, needing a break from the unending display of dazzling delight. Yet that is folly also. God is revealed to be our perfect rest. There will be no more tiring, no wearing out, no decay or distraction. Whatever we require, God will be for us. And that is, at the end, my deepest dream.