Terror and Dreams

As I write, American embassies in North Africa and other places are under siege by protestors and the threat of further violence. Just a couple of days ago, diplomats were killed by rocket blasts in apparently coordinated terrorist attacks. The question for a dream thinker like me is, “what is the relationship between terror and dreams?”

The answer is that there can never be a relationship between terror and deep dreams. By definition, dreams involving terror are nightmares, and there is no such thing as a deep dream based on fear. Just as “perfect love casts out all fear,” deep dreams cannot exist in a place where fear reigns. Since deep dreams are a gift from the God of perfect love, there is no room for fear in them.

The meaning of “terror” flows in two directions: we can be the cause of terror in innocent others or the innocent targets of terror from others. But no matter which direction the terror flows, it creates havoc on both ends. Those who are legitimate victims are killed, wounded, or intimidated. The illegitimate victims who perpetrate the terror bring shame, guilt, and damnation on themselves. No one wins. No one’s dreams are advanced. Only nightmares are shared.

No deep dream can be built on sin, shame, or guilt. You can never achieve your deep dream by hurting others. You can never get there by perpetrating injustice. The road to depth can never be travelled along the low road.

Did you get that? You can’t take the low road to greater depth.