Interpretating the Deep Dream

One of my favorite things to do is live translation (Spanish to English or the other way around). While I enjoy the challenge of simultaneous translation, it is not as exciting as live translation. What’s the difference? In simultaneous translation I am usually stuck in a sound booth, listening on headphones to an unseen speaker and offering an instantaneous translation for a remote people wearing headphones in the audience. Everything moves so fast there is no time to do anything but offer a rough, artless rendering of the message from an unseen speaker to an unknown audience. I enjoy the challenge of doing it, but I can’t say I really enjoy the translation itself.

Live translation is quite different. I am standing next to the speaker, who is usually known to me personally. I have time to hear the message, fully process it in a split second, and then convey it to the audience in the most artful language I can muster. I will move the same way as the speaker, using the same hand motions, the same pace and tone of voice. I’ll even borrow the same spiritual anointing. The experience is as intense as simultaneous translation, but infinitely more personal.

The key to being a great interpreter is to disappear. You want the audience to think that they are understanding the speaker without your help. Ironically, to accomplish that illusion, you have to become the speaker for them. If you don’t do everything the way the speaker did it, and if you don’t render the message with integrity, the audience will never forget about you and experience that magic of really connecting with the original speaker.

In interpreting your deep dream, it is important to recognize that God is the speaker, not you. As you live out your dream, you are interpreting to the world the message that God has given you for it. The more like God you are in expressing the message, the better you will render it. If you can be so in tune with God that you perfectly understand the dream, and if you render it to the world exactly the way God spoke it to you, an amazing thing will happen. People will sense that they are hearing from God through you. If you get it exactly right, you may even disappear to them at times. Interpret your dream to the world—the dream God gave you—and your life will become a message from God to a world that desperately needs it.