The Work Net

Today I’m beginning a new focus on my blog.  In August (2013), my new book, The Kingdom Net:  Learning to Network Like Jesus will hit the bookstores (both online and off).  Everyone who carries out a business or professional calling has to engage purposefully in networking.  In reality, every human being depends on a certain amount of networking to navigate their lives.  In order for God’s mission to succeed in the world, people have to connect.  Networking makes it possible for the human race to flourish as God intended.  For work to find meaning, it must be connected to the fulfillment of human need.

God created humans as limited beings.  No one has everything he or she needs to succeed in the world.  But when our needs and our deeds connect through relationships, we can transcend our limitations. Networks tie us together and allow us to know one another.  When companionship leads to admiration, we appreciate the different abilities each person adds to the human web of support.  My work enhances your life and yours benefits mine.  I refer you to others who need you and you do the same for me.  Civilization breaks out as our limitations force us to seek able companions.  Cultures form on the frameworks of society.  Humans flourish, and the mission of God advances.

No human being can claim to be Superman.  Unlike Figaro the Factotum, Rossini’s fictional Barber of Seville, no one can do it all.  But together, the Work Net created by our networking makes superhuman feats possible.  Because of the unity of the Builders of Babel, God recognized they were capable of achieving anything they planned to do (Genesis 11:6).  Those who work in the human network for God can indeed achieve superhuman tasks when they submit their work to God and each other.   We can accomplish our part in the very Mission of God.