TKN Audio: What about the Emerging Church?

In Part 4 of my conversation with Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, conducted 7 years ago at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, we turn our discussion to the so-called “emerging church.”

One of the most important ways the church is “emerging” in our time is the growth of the Faith and Work Movement.  In The Kingdom Net:  Learning to Network Like Jesus, I spend considerable time discussing the different ways we see the church manifesting itself in and around workplace settings.  For example, my friend Craig Campbell, of CampbellNelson Volkswagen and Nissan in Edmonds, Washington, ( employs a full-time chaplain at his business to pastor his employees–whether they are Christians or not.  Another friend, Pete Hartwig works with a team of friends in Charlottesville, Virginia.  They call their weekly breakfast meeting the Charlottesville Faith and Leadership Forum and their aim is to provide a safe place to discuss the synergy between faith, life and work.  The meeting is relationally driven and focuses on sharing faith and enhancing the attendees’ performance in their leadership roles.  They also conduct a similar luncheon for women, and are beginning a new group called First Fridays, in which business leaders take turns talking about their integration of faith and work.  In Seattle, I am part of a ministry called C-3 Leaders, which gathers hundreds of Christian business leaders in small groups all over the city to share their experiences of following Jesus in the world of business.

People often say that America needs a revival.  In reality, the churches of America need revival.   America itself needs another Great Awakening, in which people who are currently unchurched turn their hearts to Jesus.  The more Christians around the country work the Kingdom Net in and around the workplace, the more likely an awakening can occur.

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