What to Do When You Drop Your Banana

In Spanish there is a delightful proverb that is often repeated:  “Al mejor mono se le cae el banano.”  Translated into English, it means “Even the best monkey drops his banana.”  More specifically, the dropping of the banana is not exactly the monkey’s fault.  The syntax makes it clear that the banana falls out accidentally.  Bad things happen to the best people.  Sometimes it’s even their fault.

In pursuing our Deepest Dream, it is inevitable that even the best of us will suffer setbacks.  Reality is unpredictable, and sometimes the good die young.  We can never plan out our life in such a way that things never go wrong.  Even if we plan perfectly and God smiles on our efforts, we can occasionally spoil things by human error and sin.  As an old Scottish poem by Robert Burns goes, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
 gang aft agley” or in standard English, “they often go awry.”

Whether the dream gets off track through our errors or the vagaries of fate, the answer is the same:  either pick up your banana and wash it off, or pick another banana.  There are fresh bananas on the stalk.  Opportunity is not as scarce as a “failure mentality” would cause us to believe.  Faith and creativity can find opportunity in almost any circumstance, and God stands by to add revelation to the mix in ways that we cannot think or imagine.