Blue Moons and Foul Balls

Last night I took my wife Kathleen and another couple to see our home team play the Los Angeles Angels. A series of unusual events began when a Mariners supporter ran out onto the field wearing nothing but a smile and fire-engine-red Speedos. The security force chased him all over the outfield, but all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t get him back over the wall again for quite a while. It was the first time I’ve seen such a spectacle in person, and hopefully the last.

Later in the game, after several foul balls were hit in our general direction, one of the Angels hit a ball directly at me in my club-level perch just to the right of home plate. I retrieved it without moving three feet from my seat. Most major league baseball fans will never have that thrill.

As we left the park, we were commenting on what an unusual game it had been. Looking up in the clear night sky, we noticed that we had a blue moon—the second full moon of this month. Once in a blue moon, you retrieve a foul ball. Once in a blue moon, the security folks have to chase down a foul fan. And once in a blue moon, you’ll have the opportunity of a lifetime that will create more than just a memory. It will open the door to your future.

Rare and unusual events are part of life. To achieve our dreams, it is often necessary for the “stars to line up” in just the right way. Some of the breaks we need for ambitious dreams to come true are out of our control and unpredictable. But deep dreamers are convinced that destiny is on their side. The God who made us “just-so,” and designed us for a deep dream, is also the God who keeps his eye on the sparrow, controls all the right variables, and knows every hair on our heads. Don’t worry about the breaks you’re going to need to fulfill your dream. Just do your part and control what you can. If you’re pursuing the dream God designed you for, the big breaks you need will come—sometimes all together at the same time!